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These allow you to specify in what situation or at what time you would want some action to take place.  There are 15 conditions in a drop down menu.  Note that when you highlight an option, a brief description shows up at the bottom of the window.
 Condition  Format  Use
Area contains units Area "area" contains "quantity" "unit types" owned by "side" Most commonly used condition. Use this condition when a unit goes into a named area, and then something should happen.
Comments Comment "text" The text does not affect the gameplay and does not show up in the mission at all. Use this feature to make "progamming comments" that explain the intent of the preceeding code.
Countdown Timer  Countdown Timer is "quantity" To set, show, modify, and hide the countdown timer.
Credits "side" has "quantity" credits Use this condition to make something happen when Credits go above or below a particular value.  WARNING: it is not a good idea to use the "Exactly" comparison against any value other than 0 because Credits typically change at increments greater than one.
Discovers Side  "side" discovers "side" When players first see the others' unit(s), use this condition to make something happen.
Elapsed Time Elapsed mission time is "quantity" seconds Use this condition when you want something to happen at a certain time in the game. 
Every NN Seconds Every "quantity" seconds This condition is satisfied repeatedly at the specified rate.  It is used when you want something to happen repeatedly. This is the same as this trigger:
Condition 1: Always
Action 1: (Do whatever you want here)
Action 2: Wait (However many seconds until it goes again)
Action 3: Preserve trigger.
Galaxite Capacity Reached

"side's" Galaxite capacity is reached

Only used in the tutorial.
This condition is met when all the side's Processors and Warehouses are full.

GalaxMiner Can't Find Galaxite GalaxMiner owned by "side" can't find Galaxite Only used in the tutorial.
When bullpups can't find/see any more galaxite, use this to make something happen. 
Has Upgrades "side" has "upgrade types" upgrade(s) Use this to determine if the specified side possesses the specified upgrades.
Mission Loaded Mission Loaded Use this trigger to set up initial level conditions, such as switches, limits, allies, etc.
Condition that makes the trigger fire at the very beginning. 
Owns Units "side" owns "quantity" "unit types" If a player commands some units, use this condition to make something happen.
Place Structure Mode Active Place structure mode is active. 

Only used in the tutorial. For when the player is trying to place a building. 

Switch On/Off
Switch "switch" is "OnOrOff" Named switch is either On or Off.  Switch names can be anything, but ARE case sensitive.
Test Persistent Variable Persistent variable "text" is "quantity" Use this condition to test whether a persistent variable is above, below, or equal to a particular value. 
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