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Once you set your conditions, you specify what will happen using the drop down menu in the Actions tab.  Select New.. on the right and the New Action window will pop up.  Tap the down arrow for the drop down menu and you will see 34 items.  Note that when you highlight any item a brief description is displayed under Description in the lower part of the New Action window.



You can specify a single Action, or multiple Actions for each Condition that you have selected.  The below example shows a 2 vs 2 mission with multiple actions specified for the condition Mission Loaded.  In other words, all these things are going to happen when the game begins.
 This table shows recommended usage and description of each Action.
 Action  Format  Usage
Allies  "side" allies with "side" 

For allying one side with another 
Note: A allies to B. Use twice (A to B, B to A) to get reciprocal allies.
Allies can not be targeted/attacked. Allies don't share sight. Don't use virtual sides (i.e. Allies/Enemies)

Center View  Center view over "area"  To center a view for a player on a certain area. Note:Use "Wait 0" to force display refresh after using this 
Comment Comment: "text"  Use this to comment your actions. It has no in-game effect. 
Create Random Unit Group  Create a random Unit Group

Use this when you cannot decide which unit group to create. 
Note: Create from unit group list with "Random" box checked.

Create Unit At Area  "Build/Spawn" "unit type" for "sideNeutral" with "quantity" percent health  Builds or spawns a unit/structure at area.  Built units follow some game rules (building takes time and requires credits).  Spawned units appear immediately and are free. Structures are built at the upper-left of the area and the space they require must be unoccupied.
Create Unit Group  Create Unit Group "unit group"  To create a unit group. Specify unit groups in the settings. 
Cut Scene  Cut scene "text"  Use to display a cut scene.  Valid tag: <img image.rbm> 
Defog Area  Defog area over "area"  To make a place visible to a player, as opposed to foggy black.
Note: this only affects the local/human player 
Ecom  Ecom ("SmallOrLarge" w/ "MoreOrCloseButton") From "character" to "character": "text"  Single player missions only.  To display a message from someone to someone else. Use blanks to make it look like they are talking to nobody in particular or to themselves.  
Note: Use "More" if you use multiple Ecoms.
"SmallOrLarge" refers to the window the ecom is shown in
Small Bottom, Large, Small Top
"Character" Large screen shows a picture.
Andy, Jana, Olstrom, Fox, ACME_Security, OMNI_Security, Anonymous, Blank
End Mission  End Mission: "WinOrLose"  Halt whatever's going on and end the mission as a victory or defeat 
Hunt Units "unit types" of "side" hunt "unit types" of "side"  To make specified units of one player hunt certain units of any other side which will then attack and continue to do so until it is dead or there are no more enemies.
Jump to Mission Jump to mission "text"  Ends the current mission and goes to another one.   
Note: Immediately jumps to level indicated. Use format "mission.lvl"
Modify Countdown Timer  "Stop/Resume/Show/Hide" the Countdown Timer  Use this to stop (or pause), resume, show or hide the dountdown.  To resume a countdown you must create another "modify" action with "resume".  Showing/hiding will not affect the countdown.  Stopping will not automatically hide the timer - you must create another action to hide it.
Modify Counter  Counter "Counter": "Set/Add/Subtract" "quantity"  Use this to modify the value of a Counter. 
Modify Credits  "sides" Credits: "Set/Add/Subtract" "quantity"  To change the amount of credits a player has. 
Note: Use Side Properties to set starting amounts.
Modify Persistent Variables  Modify Persistent Variables "text" "Set/Add/Subtract" "quantity"  Use this to set, add to, or subtract from the value of a persistent variable 
Move Units In Area  Move "sides" "unit type" from "area" to "area"  Very useful! Used to warp some units from on place to another. 
Preserve Trigger  Preserve trigger  Note: Triggers are all one-shots! To repeat a triggered action next time its conditions are met, use this. Can cause loops.
Very, very useful. Without this, a trigger will only fire ONE time.
Repair  Set repairing for "side" "OnOrOff"  Enable or disable repairing for a player.
Replicator  Turn "sides" Replicator "OnOrOff"  Used to turn a replicator on or off. 
Set Allowed Units  Set "side" allowed units to "unit type"  Use this to specify which Units the player is allowed to build.  Only these units will show in the build panels.
Set Allowed Upgrade  Set "side" allowed upgrade to "upgrade types"  Use this to specify which upgrades the side is allowed to research. Only these Upgrades will show in the R&D panel. 
Note: All upgrades are allowed by default. 
Set Formal Objective Info Set formal objective info to "text"
This is the summary below the objectives on the Objectives screen.
Used to set the summary.
Set Formal Objective Status  Set formal objective "quantity" status to "text"  Quantity is the number of the objective (i.e. 1,2,3). To set an objective status to a string (like "completed", "incomplete", or anything you want.) Make up whatever wording you want for this.
Set Formal Objective Text  Set formal objective "quantity" text to "text"
Quantity is the number of the objective (i.e. 1,2,3) This is the actual Objective text. You can use whatever wording you want for the objective.
These are Objectives that a person needs to accomplish. These don't affect the outcome, they are just for the player's information. 
Set Next Mission  Set next mission to "text" Used to set the next mission in a campaign.  Occurs after an "End Mission" action.  The mission naming convention is "mission.lvl".
Set Objective  Set "side's" mission objective to "text" Displayed upper-left of screen.
Use this to display the main objective in the top of the screen. It stays there the whole time. 
Set Persistent Variable  Set persistent variable "text" to "text"
Used to set a text string to a persistent variable.
Set Switch  Set "switch" "OnOrOff"  Used to set a switch to on or off.  Switch names can be anything (including spaces, etc) but ARE case sensitive.
Set Upgrades  Set "side" upgrades to "upgrade types"  Note: This must be performed with a Mission Loaded Trigger Condition
To set a player to already have the upgrade when a level starts. 
Show Alert  Show alert "text" Displayed lower-left of screen
To display a small message in the bottom of the screen for some time. 
Show Formal Objectives  Show formal objectives
Use this to invoke the Objectives screen, like at the beginning of a mission.  Make sure you've set all the appropriate formal objective parameters (text, status, info) first. 
Start Countdown Timer  Start countdown timer with "quantity" seconds and show this string: "text"  Used to start a clock ticking.
Note: Use "%s" in string for time. Displays in upper-right of screen in mm:ss format.
You must use a "ModifyCountdownTrigger" to Show the timer.  The timer will stop at 00:00 but you must call "ModifyCountdownTrigger" with "hide" to make it disappear. 
Wait  Wait "quantity" seconds  Waits specified time before executing next action

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