Setting Objectives

Setting Objectives is an important part of creating your mission.  Without Objectives your mission is really not complete.  There are 3 different types of Objectives:
  1. You can set formal objectives (Briefing), reached during
    a game by tapping Menu / State Objectives.  You can optionally show formal objectives at mission start.
  2. You can set one or more specific objectives, displayed at top of Objectives screen, as well as objective status.
  3. On the main map screen you can set an objective (different than formal objectives). This objective or message is text that will show at the top left of the screen throughout the game.
There are several different ways of creating objectives. You will find them in the trigger actions list. There are 4 actions involved with objectives. They are:
  • Set Formal Objective Info
  • Set Formal Objective Status
  • Set Formal Objective Text
  • Set Objective
Set Formal Objective Info is the action where you can enter what the summary (Briefing) in the objectives screen says. Every good mission should have this. Space is rather limited, so keep it concise. Use the Mission Loaded condition to display it when the mission starts.
  1. Select Settings / Triggers
  2. Select New...
  3. Under Sides check all sides in play
  4. Under Conditions select Mission loaded
  5. Under Actions select Set Formal Objective Info to "text".  Click on "text" and enter the text you want to show up under Briefing when player looks at the Mission Objectives.
Set Formal Objective Text is the action where you can name a specific objective. This shows up in the game at the top of the Menu / State Objectives screen. Some examples are "Rescue Jana's Shuttle" or "Destroy OMNI Base'. Use this at the beginning of the mission. 
NOTE:  You can put multiple Actions with the same Condition (see example below).  Just make sure that all are appropriate for each Side that you have checked.
Set Formal Objective Status is used to set a specific objective status to a string of text that you type in. This shows in the game at the top of the Menu / State Objectives screen next to a specific objective. Most common objective statuses are "Complete", "Incomplete", and "Optional". Use at the start to set the initial string, and then whenever you want to modify it (like when an objective is completed) just use this action again.
In the example below I had the Objective Status change to Completed at the same time as each side's trigger for "End Mission: Win".   There is no need to change the Objective Status for Lose since it is still Incomplete.
Set Objective puts a small message in the upper left corner of the screen.
It stays there, so be careful about what you want to say. Sometimes it's best not to have it because it obstructs the view a little, but in other cases it can prove very helpful.  In the above example you see that even though each side's message is different, in Trigger Properties / Sides you can check both Side1 and Side2 boxes and Condition is Mission loaded.  Then in Actions select Set Objective and you will be allowed to select Side1 or Side2 as True, then enter text to be displayed in top left corner.  Remember to keep is short.  Repeat for other side(s).

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