Establishing Allies

One of the most popular game styles among Warfare Incorporated players, is to play with others as allies.  This can be the usual 2 vs 2, or the less used but full of potential 3 vs 1, as well as any number allied against an AI army.  This brief discussion will be to assist you in establishing your allies, as well as what may be possible by using these triggers.
  1. Open Settings / Triggers; Select New
  2. Under Sides check all 4 sides
  3. Under Conditions select Mission Loaded
  4. Under Actions select "Side" allies with "Side"
    1. You will repeat this action 4 times as follows:
      1. Side1 allies with Side2
      2. Side2 allies with Side1
      3. Side3 allies with Side4
      4. Side4 allies with Side3
  5. You can also add a message to show at top left of screen if you want to.  See Mission Objective triggers, or Setting Objective page for more info.
Note: A allies to B. Use this twice (A to B, B to A) to get reciprocal allies.
Allies can not be targeted/attacked. Allies don't share sight. Don't use virtual sides (i.e. Allies/Enemies)
Use: For allying one side with another 

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